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About Sarah

Sarah Vestal is a speculative fiction writer from the strange and often ridiculous south. As such, her writing is earmarked by familial superstitions and the uncanny and absurd (these are not mutually exclusive).

She spends her days working in a laboratory (hoping for more fiction in her science life). Her nights are dedicated to fending off the Evil that is her black cat (Sarah would like you to know that it is supposedly good luck to own a black cat but she has yet to find the truth in that superstition), hatching silly schemes with her definitely not made-up friends, and trying to cobble together the stories that her overactive imagination won’t shut up about.

Check out the podcasts Twinbrain and Roll Slayers that she co-produces with her best friend, Danne.

You should also check out the talented writers in the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group (CASFWG), which Sarah has been a member of since 2014.

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